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Business Data Breach Monitoring Service from

Share! 4/22/2021

Breach Monitoring Service

We're excited and proud to announce the launch of our data Breach Monitoring Service for our locally-owned Business Members.  Our new service:

  • Helps protect you, your business and your employees all from one place
  • Is fast, easy, and sets up in minutes
  • Is extremely affordable at only $1 per month, per email monitored

Simply log into your Wisconsin Buys Local business account, select Premium Services, then Breach Monitoring Service, and get started today!

Breach Monitor Service

Data breaches happen every day. Our breach monitor service monitors various services to see if your email address appears in breaches as they are uncovered.

How Does This Work?

First, our service does not access your email account (e.g. inbox) in any fashion, whatsoever. Our service is simply looking for the email address(es) you provide to appear in the data that is leaked in various breaches. For security reasons, we are unable to provide the specific data in the breach, but knowing about the data breach is vital to protecting your business. With this knowledge you can then take a proactive approach to protecting yourself and your business.

Start Monitoring

Login, click Premium Services, then Breach Monitor Service, then click the "Add Email Address" button to add an email address. A confirmation email will be sent to the newly added email address. You'll need to click the approval link in that email. Once a new email address is approved, we'll begin scanning known data breaches to see if we can spot your account information based on the provided email address.

What's The Cost?

Very simple - the Breach Monitor service costs $1.00 per month per Email Address provided. Billings typically occur monthly. If at anytime you wish to stop monitoring an email address, you may do so by clicking the "Delete" link next to that email address. Please note that cancellations may incur a partial billing for the time used, but never more than $1 for the monthly period.

How To Review Breaches

When we've spotted your information in a data breach, you'll see a number in the "Breaches Found" column. By clicking the arrow on the left, you'll be able to view what the breach was, when it occurred, and what information was potentially leaked.

Breach Alerts

We will continue to scan known breaches for new exposures. When new breaches are found, you'll receive an email alert letting you know to review what the breach was.

What Email Address(es) Can I Monitor?

Due to the sensitive nature of data breaches, you may monitor any email address you want -- but before monitoring will begin, an approval email will be sent to the provided email address that must be clicked by the mailbox owner/user to authorize the service. Email addresses at your business domain (e.g. [email protected]) are acceptable, as well as popular email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.

What About "Sensitive" Breaches?

Some breaches are deemed "sensitive" in nature (e.g. breaches from adult-themed websites). To protect privacy, when these types of breaches occur, individual email addresses are NOT scanned, nor alerted. Instead, you'll receive a general "Sensitive Breach Has Occurred" email alert that does not contain the nature of the breach. The email alert will have instructions to return your account, and click the "Sensitive Breaches" tab to review the information about the breach. From there, you can make a private assessment as to whether any of your monitored email address may have been involved in that breach.

How Frequently Do Scans Happen?

As frequently as they are needed! In short, anytime a new email address is added and approved -- it's scanned. Multiple times throughout each day, we scan for new breaches. When a new breach is discovered, all your email addresses will be scanned again. If a hit is found, you'll be alerted. If not, you can focus on running your business.

What Should I Do When I'm Breached?

First, change your password for that site/service immediately. If you use that same password anywhere else, change that as well. Other quick tips include -- review any account activity on that site/service for suspicious activity, check for any press or customer service statements from the site/service, check our blog for other ideas, and when in doubt, seek local, professional help.

Can WBL Provide More Details About a Breach?

No, not directly. The breach details may include third party article(s) with additional information about the breach, but Wisconsin Buys Local cannot provide any technical nor legal advice regarding the data breach. If you are a security professional or a curious party, there are typically a variety of resources to further investigate the details of each breach available on the web.

Are There Any Guarantees Or Warranties With This Service?

In short, no. We'll do everything we can to collect and scan the provided data for matches as accurately and timely as possible; but due to the nature of data breaches, we do not guarantee, warranty or otherwise the information or service that is provided here. This service should not be construed as a professional security protection or service, but as a means to gain visibility into when a 3rd party site/service mistakenly leaks your or your employees' information that is under that 3rd party's purview. If you are in need of professional security services for your business, we recommend seeking out a professional Information Security firm from Wisconsin.

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