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4 Ways Parents with Disabilities Can Thrive as Business Owners

Share! 11/12/2020

The combination of parenthood and business ownership is challenging yet rewarding. Many entrepreneurs find that running their own company is an excellent way to work around a family-oriented lifestyle. Balancing the challenges of parenthood and business ownership while thriving with a disability is a unique conundrum, however. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure your business hits the ground running, no matter what obstacles lie in your way.

Joining Wisconsin Buys Local can help you begin networking with other brands (and potential customers) in your area for a beneficial business headstart. Plus, here are four other ways to get your business up, running, and lucrative.

Follow the Rules for Forming a Local Business

Establishing your business with all the requisite legalities is your first step as a new business owner. By investing time and effort in obtaining the appropriate permits and licensing, you can avoid legal hassles later on. For example, setting your business up as an LLC reduces your liability if your business loses money. Just be sure to follow state and local guidelines to ensure your business stays on the straight and narrow.

Streamline Finances (and Spend Smarter)

Saving money is a priority for many new business owners because launching a company can be expensive. Fortunately, you can source outside finding that helps you streamline your brand’s finances. Plus, you can find ways to spend smarter with special deals for small businesses.

If you need startup funds, there are multiple avenues you can pursue. As Entrepreneur highlights, countless programs – such as the Small Business Administration loan offerings – help individuals with disabilities find funding for their big ideas. Plus, many private organizations offer grants and even microloans, depending on your business concept and level of need.

Reducing the cost of doing business is another smart move to help boost your business growth. By using free tools and services, you can avoid racking up expenses that drain your company’s earnings. Moreover, if your disability means you require assistive technology to handle business needs, you may qualify for a grant from programs like the Administration of Community Living’s Assistive Technology Act.

One thing worth investing in that most would-be entrepreneurs put on the back burner or ignore altogether is continuous personal improvement. However, going back to school, even online, to earn a business degree or similar can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to lead your venture to success, as well as the clout needed to make it any industry.

Dedicate an Area of Your Home to Your Business

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or are operating an online business, dedicating an area of your home to business tasks is a necessity. From working at home while tending to a sick child to managing your own down-but-not-out days, having a basic office setup is an essential business expense.

If you’re struggling to make space for a desk or other necessary items, consider overhauling a spare bedroom or garage for use as a home office. Garage space can be especially helpful if you have products to store, but you will need some renovations to make such a space suitable for business. Hiring a professional is your best bet, especially if your office space needs to look the part.

Maintain a Multi-Way Balance

Parents often talk about maintaining work-life balance, but for an individual with disabilities, there are often many more than two factors in flux. Not only do you need to prioritize your company and its growth, but you and your kids need specialized care and attention, too. That need for balance can have you feeling pulled in countless directions.

Though it’s unlikely you’ll ever achieve the perfect balance, the idea is to work through each day as it comes. Caring for yourself, your family, and your business may require hard work and sacrifice, notes Vice, but it shouldn’t feel like you’re living in martyrdom.

Take time for yourself while pursuing entrepreneurship. That way, you can refresh and give everyone – from your kids to your customers – your very best. And if you’re looking to connect with other businesses and new customers, visit Wisconsin Buys Local for business listings, entrepreneurship information, and more.

Guest Article provided by: Patrick Young
Patrick Young, an educator and activist, has been disabled since he was a teenager. He believes people with disabilities must live within a unique set of circumstances--the outside world often either underestimates them or ignores their needs altogether. He created Able USA to offer resources and advice to others with disabilities in an effort to help them navigate the various aspects of life as a person with a disability.

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