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The Greens Caddy

, WI
Phone: 920-849-9673
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The Greens Caddy
The Greens Caddy - revolutionary golf club accessory to easily carry clubs from golf cart to the green. Keeps grips clean, saves back from bending over and helps to ensure you don't lose another club
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The Greens Caddy:

Keep your grips Dry
Hangs on outside of golf bag
Easy access to the right club on the green
Don't lose a club again
Keep your hands/glove clean
Play quicker rounds
Reduce back strain
Disassembles quickly and easily
Conveniently stores in golf bag


Golfing has been a lifelong passion for us. We understand how golf accessory can help move the game along and help make it more enjoyable to play. That is why we have put so much time and effort into creating The Greens Caddy.

The idea for The Greens Caddy was planted years ago while vacationing in Florida. I was enjoying my morning coffee on the patio in view of an active green. The grass was wet from the morning dew. As I was watching, a foursome teed off with none of them hitting the green. I watched as they grabbed multiple clubs to finish the hole. One of the gentlemen used a towel to lay down the extra clubs and keep them from getting wet. Another inserted a tee into the ground and laid his putter handle on it, while another had his partner hold his clubs. I have used each of these techniques to keep my clubs dry, and I thought to myself – "there had to be a better way".

Thus started a five year journey of observing and talking to golfers and golf pros in all weather conditions. We have tried various prototypes and after all of our testing, we are proud to present The Greens Caddy, a golf club holder that every golfer needs.

The Greens Caddy is the perfect gift for every golfer. With the average cart golfer taking multiple clubs to the greens area 14 out of 18 times, The Greens Caddy carries these clubs to the green area like a personal caddy or mini golf bag.

Did you Realize...

that you will carry 2 to 3 clubs from your golf cart to the green, 14 out of 18 holes? While you are hitting, where are the other clubs? Laying on the ground? Or, on a towel, when you remember to bring one? Your clubs then get wet, dirty and even lost. That's when The Greens Caddy golf club holder helps, by...

Keeping Grips Dry

The Greens Caddy keeps your clubs off the wet grass.

Keeping Track of Clubs

The Greens Caddy keeps your clubs in one place, assuring you don't leave one behind.

Keeping Hands Clean

The Greens Caddy includes a towel to keep hands and ball clean.

See our website to order yours online today!
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