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Grapevine Insurance Company
517 N. Westhill Blvd
Appleton, WI 54914
Phone: 920-460-1888
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Grapevine Insurance Company
Grapevine Insurance Agency - Independent, Appleton health insurance agent specializing in life, health and Medicare insurance, along with Annuities. Free online quotes!
Grapevine Insurance Company Profile
Grapevine Insurance Agency, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, provides affordable insurance plans for families and individuals. We specialize in life, health and Medicare insurance, along with Annuities. We offer free online quotes!
Life Insurance

I heard it through the Grapevine that I should have Life Insurance. Why?

Very simply, life insurance can protect your family, dependents, business and legacy.

Consider this…

Life is unpredictable.

Dying suddenly — in an accident, by unexpected illness or even of natural causes — can happen at any time. Life insurance helps your loved ones pay the mortgage, bills, even college costs, after you’re gone. It also provides tax-free cash to pay estate and death duties. Nothing can replace you in their hearts, but planning ahead with life insurance can make things easier for those you leave behind.
Burial costs are expensive.

In some cases, upwards of $7,000 to $10,000 — and we’re not talking about extravagant funeral services. This is the average cost of a burial ceremony that will be faced by your loved ones. At an already difficult and emotional time, your life insurance can cover these expenses without financial hardship or further stress.
Help those you love.

In your life, you work hard to make sure those you love — spouse, partner, children, family members — are taken care of. It’s just as important to consider providing financial support for the future living costs of surviving dependents. After all, they will have to go on without you. Make sure they’re protected, too.
Relieve Debt.

Life Insurance can help your dependents cover any financial responsibilities that are left after your death. Debt can be a tremendous burden, on top of the already emotional toll your absence creates in their lives.
Prepare for the unexpected.

If you develop a serious illness, you may not be able to get life insurance to the extent you need it — or at all. If you have a terminal illness, life insurance can provide you with financial support. Life insurance can also be used in case of emergencies by requesting a withdrawal or loan.
Protect your business.

Life Insurance isn’t just for individuals. It can protect a business from financial loss, liabilities or instability in the case of the death of a business owner/partner. Whether providing necessary short-term cash or keeping operations going until things settle, life insurance can be invaluable in maintaining the business you’ve worked so hard to build.
Enhance your retirement.

You can use life insurance to make sure your retirement savings lasts as long as you do. An annuity is like a do-it-yourself pension plan — you put an amount of money into a life insurance product and in return you get a guaranteed stream of income month after month, for as long as you live.
Strengthen your finances.

Life insurance is considered a financial asset, which can help increase your credit and help you to get a loan or health insurance. Many policies have cash value, which even in case of bankruptcy cannot be touched by creditors.
Give to charity.

Life Insurance can enable you to leave a lasting gift to a favorite cause or charity that is much larger than you would otherwise set aside for donation.
Gain peace of mind.

No amount of money can ever replace a person. But more than anything, life insurance can help provide protection for the uncertainties in life.

Are you 65 or older or you under age 65 with certain disabilities? If so, you may be eligible for Medicare. We can help you get Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D plans. Get free online quotes on our website at: http://www.grapevineinsuranceagency.com/

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