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Steel Spindles LLC

Greenfield, WI 53220
Phone: 8002440744
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Mon - Fri 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Steel Spindles LLC
Interior and Exterior Premium stainless steel contemporary balusters for your deck, balcony, patio and stairways.
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Steel Spindles StratoSpindle is a newly designed deck railing spindle (with a provisional patent) that provides a clean contemporary look with a thin stainless steel profile that allows you to “see right through them”. Unlike wooden spindles that block the view, the StratoSpindle enhances the view.
Gosh, there are so many advantages to the StratoSpindle over other spindles…
First of all, the StratoSpindle comes with an industry best 50 year warranty. Unlike wooden spindles that split, rot, and bow, the StratoSpindle is “forever”. They won’t rust like painted spindles, break like glass panels, nor sag like cables.

Despite the potential of glass panels breaking, they require constant cleaning. Not so the StratoSpindle. Our Steel Spindles steel balusters are produced from #304 stainless steel which is nearly indestructible and never needs cleaning.
While cable systems are also made from stainless steel, they require an inordinate amount of installation from having to measure, mark, drill, and assemble with a minimum of 2 or even 3 people. Not so with the Stratospindle.

The StratoSpindle steel balusters are the easiest product in the marketplace to install. Each spindle simple butts against the next and is held with one hand while drilling in cabinet screws with the other. A simple 1 person job. If spindles are being installed to an elevated deck, it isn’t necessary to use a ladder as you would need to for wooden spindles or other metal spindles. No reason to dangerously lean over to reach down either. Also when you assemble the Stratospindles to an incline (as with steps) you can simply hand bend the flange to whatever angle you need and then again, simply install by butting one spindle to the next. If your deck spindles are being installed by a contractor, the labor costs should be much less than other spindle, glass, or cable products.

If you live in our northern climes, you will love the way snow can be shoveled right through the StratoSpindles. No more having to bring shovels of snow up and over the deck railing. Also, fall leaves blow right through the StratoSpindles without being held up in ugly piles as with wooden or other metal flat spindles.

Steel Spindles Steel Baluster is the strongest spindle in the market. Pull (push) forces exerted on Stratospindles put the failure force in shear rather than pull. It is takes nearly 5 times the amount of force to push out the StratoSpindles than conventional spindles. Cable systems can be dangerous as there have been incidences of children climbing them like ladders and falling off the rails. With the geometry of the StratoSpindles, the #16 Gauge stainless material is formed back on itself during the production process. No cuts to hands or legs from sharp edges. No slivers from wood. They are the safest product in the market.

If you do prefer the flat 1” wide Steel Spindles Steel Balusters look, simply install the StratoSpindle facing flat. You have that unique option as well.
Lastly, the Steel Spindles StratoSpindles are simply beautiful. The stainless steel finish reflects the blue of the sky and the green of the lawn while yet allowing you to retain the view. You’ll love them. We guarantee that. If, for any reason you may be dissatisfied, simply ship them back for a full refund. No questions asked.
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