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Zo-Sharp Sharpening Service LLC
2323 Cobblestone Lane
Beloit , WI 53511
Phone: 414-534-8562
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Zo-Sharp Sharpening Service LLC
Our goal is to service not only the professional but the average homeowner. By giving cutting edges new life we eliminate the need to replace items that are still useful. ZoSharp brings decades of sharpening and tooling experience to give you the best service and results.
Zo-Sharp Sharpening Service LLC Profile
A family owned veteran operated company with over 40 years combined sharpening experience.
Bought in 1992 as a hobby, it incorporated in 2012 as Zo-Sharp Sharpening Service. Owned and operated by John and Paul Zsori
Located in Beloit Wi.
Customers include:
Homeowners/Renters- Kitchen Cutlery, gardening tools, scissors, wood working tools.
Building Trades- Saw blades both steel and carbide, chisels, hole saws, drill bits Fostner bits, router bits and more.
Accepts shipments from those outside the local area.
Can do some off site sharpening of some smaller items for businesses.

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