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Turf & Tree Worx, Inc.
585 Washington Dr
West Bend, WI 53095
Phone: 262-675-2600
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Mon - Thurs 07:00 AM - 04:00 PM


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Turf & Tree Worx, Inc.
Turf & Tree Worx is a full-service lawn and landscape management company located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Since 1992, we’ve distinguished ourselves by offering high customer satisfaction, affordable rates and personalized services. We have a comprehensive knowledge of plants, trees, lawn products, and maintenance strategies, and we can help your property look its best year-round with our suite of services for both residential and commercial customers.
Turf & Tree Worx, Inc. Profile
Our Services Include:
•Lawn Care
•Lawn Cutting
•Spring & Fall Cleanups
•Monthly bed maintenance
•Mulching and bed preparation
•Insect and disease control (turf and ornamental)
•Power edging
•Bed shaping and reestablishing a natural mulch edge
•Soil testing
•Gutter cleaning
•Overseeding - August / September
•Perimeter Pest Control (Insect)

Lawn Care Services Include:
•Fertilization & Weed Control
•Aeration: We pull cores from your soil, allowing your soil to breathe and take in more moisture for healthy root development. Late August through mid-November
•Post-Emergent Crab Grass Control: Disintegrates crabgrass within 10-14 days (applied July-September)
•Gypsum Treatment: Reduces soil compaction while helping retain moisture
•Lime Treatment: Raises the pH in the soil
•Soil Testing (PH Testing)
•Sulphur Treatment: An essential nutrient for vigorous plant growth. Releases nitrogen and helps decompose thatch. Also lowers the pH of the soil
•Supplemental Potassium Application
•Dormant Treatment: (Oct.-Early Nov.). Helps prepare the lawn for winter by developing stronger roots
•Insect Prevention and Control
•Control/Curative Grub Control
•Disease Prevention and Control
•Perimeter Pest Control (Insect)
•Diagnosis & Consultation for Turf and Ornamental Problems (Free to existing clientele)

Tree & Shrub services Include:
•Site Clearing
•Storm Damage
•Diagnostic & Consultation Service
•Insect & Disease Control
•Micro Injections
•Deer Repellent
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