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Schley Buildings LLC
E10885 Eulrich Rd
Clintonville, WI 54929
Phone: 715-823-6109
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Schley Buildings LLC
Give you the best value available for your money.
Assist you in all aspects of the plan, design, and build.
Honor our commitment long after project completion.
Use materials only from suppliers we trust to guarantee your satisfaction.
Work with Craftsmen who carry the same high standards we do to construct your building.
Respect your property and structure at all times.
Be sure your project exceeds your expectations now and in the future.
Schley Buildings LLC Profile
Schey Buildings is a family owned business dedicated to providing you with the highest quality post-frame buildings in the Midwest. By using glued-laminated columns instead of poles, top quality steel, and the best doors and windows available at a fair price, Schley buildings provides quality that lives up to expectations. In over 30 years of operation we’ve never had a building fall!
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