Why Wisconsin Buys Local

We are big believers in shopping and buying locally, and hope you are or will be!

  • Economically Positive - when you buy local, the revenues are kept here in our communities. Why would you spend your hard earned dollars and send them to Arkansas?

  • Non-Profit Organizations- non-profits tend to receive an overwhelmingly majority of their donations from small business owners! Supporting your local businesses helps support non-profit organizations in your community!

  • Diversity - bored with the same chain food and the same cookie cutter clothing? Local businesses offer diversity from the big boxes.

  • Green! - Local businesses tend to purchase their raw materials locally - meaning less transportation - meaning less carbon emissions.

  • More Jobs - small & medium local business owners represent the largest employer base nationally and in our communities.

  • Better Service- local businesses tend to hire passion and knowledgeable people that will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied as their valuable customer.

  • Community Improvement- with money being made and spent locally, those dollars are staying here at home.

  • What's Your Reason?- Tell us about at Facebook.com/WisconsinBuysLocal.

Wisconsin Buys Local
Bringing Everyone Together

Our goal is to maintain a peer reviewed list of awesome locally owned businesses throughout the Great State of Wisconsin.

For Business Owners
We offer a place to list your business, help gain free points for your SEO, connect with customers, and extend your marketing reach to tens of thousands of additional Wisconsinites that might not yet know about your business!

For Shoppers
We offer you the ability to get the inside scoop on local businesses, see reviews, post comments, and just generally help us keep our Wisconsin Businesses and Communities strong and thriving.

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