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  • 4 Ways Parents with Disabilities Can Thrive as Business Owners
    Wisconsin Buys Local      11/12/2020 9:40:10 AM

    The combination of parenthood and business ownership is challenging yet rewarding. Many entrepreneurs find that running their own company is an excellent way to work around a family-oriented lifestyle. Balancing the challenges of parenthood and business ownership while thriving with a disability is a unique conundrum, however. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure your business hits the ground running, no matter what obstacles lie in your way. Joining Wisconsin Buys Local can help you beg ...[read more]
  • Resources for Starting a New Business in Wisconsin
    Wisconsin Buys Local      11/12/2020 9:27:16 AM

    Is there a business concept budding in the back of your mind but you aren’t sure how to make it take shape? Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available for turning your dream into a reality. Read on for tips and resources with that very goal in mind.   Cover Business Essentials Certain aspects of your business can’t be left to chance. Cover the essentials for a solid start.   Firm up your idea with a well-written business plan.Consider establishing an LLC to protect your ...[read more]
  • 6 Steps to Help Your Small Business Survive the Pandemic
    Wisconsin Buys Local      7/7/2020 11:00:32 AM

    Managing a small business has never been an easy road. However, 2020 has thrown all kinds of twists and turns into the mix, and countless businesses are now struggling to keep their doors open. If you’re a small business owner trying to figure out how to stay the path amid the ongoing pandemic, here are six proactive steps you can take now.   Evaluate Your Financial Position   The first order of business is to figure out where you stand financially, as it will serve as the founda ...[read more]
  • Win a $10,000 Home Makeover from Window Select!
    Wisconsin Buys Local      4/16/2020 3:27:57 PM

    Window Select wants to boost moral for Wisconsin Homeowners. Don't miss the $10,000 Home Makeover Giveaway. You could be the next winner!   The giveaway has three quarterly drawings for $2,500 and one GRAND PRIZE drawing at the end of the year for $10,000! Prizes are eligible towards replacement windows, vinyl siding, and entry doors for your home. Free to enter!   To submit your entry, please visit: ...[read more]
  • 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building an Online Store for Your Small Business
    Wisconsin Buys Local      5/31/2019 10:12:29 AM

    As a local business owner, your business was built on face-to-face sales and human connection in order to make your customers feel appreciated and happy to give you their business. But in order to scale your venture, you need to look beyond your city’s borders. That’s where ecommerce comes in. With an online store, you can reach more customers, expand your inventory, grow your sales - and keep even your busiest customers satisfied.   Starting an online store is easier than ever, thanks t ...[read more]

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