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  • The Disabled Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business
    Wisconsin Buys Local      10/22/2018 5:45:20 PM

    People with disabilities have higher unemployment rates than people without disabilities, according to BLS data. While some disabilities prevent a person from working, other people with disabilities face unemployment because they can't find work that suits their needs. For people in the latter scenario, starting their own business is an attractive prospect. As an entrepreneur, a person can design their own workplace, hours, and duties to match their abilities and limitations. However, star ...[read more]
  • Entrepreneurship as a Parent with Disabilities
    Wisconsin Buys Local      8/30/2018 12:45:11 PM

    Starting a business can be one of the greatest joys of modern life.  With how the Internet has connected people across the world, in all kinds of different situations, it is now possible for people who would formerly have been unable to operate a business to get a fulfilling, successful small business up and running.  If you’re a parent with disabilities who would like to start a business of your own, here are some ways you can get started.Getting started as an entrepreneur at ...[read more]
  • Wisconsin Sales Tax Holiday
    Wisconsin Buys Local      8/1/2018 7:52:55 AM

    Today is the 1st day of the Wisconsin State Sales Tax Holiday which runs through August 5th.During these five days, some clothing and back to school items are exempt from the 5% State Sales Tax.  This also includes local sales taxes as well. We've heard from many of our members that they are taking advantage of the buzz and offering additional discounts and sales opportunities for their customers during the tax holiday.The purpose of the sales tax holiday is to provide famil ...[read more]
  • Guest Bloggers Wanted
    Wisconsin Buys Local      11/14/2017 10:44:54 AM

    Are you a Wisconsin Business Owner with something interesting you'd like to say to other businesses and/or local shoppers?  We'd love to share your success stories, your "learned it the hard way" stories, or anything else related to how you serve your local Wisconsin community.  Please follow these simple rules when submitting a blog proposal:Your content should be at least a few paragraphs in length, and no more than five pages.The content must be your own original content.  Do ...[read more]
  • 24K Magic - Rock County Communications Center
    Wisconsin Buys Local      7/10/2017 2:01:12 PM

    The talented folks Southeastern Wisconsin are at it again with a new dance video for Bruno Mars' 24K Magic.  Public safety staff and citizens of Rock County, WI joined together to show off the special relationship that exists among the public safety personnel and the communities they serve. WBL gives thanks to all these hard working men and women that support Rock County and its communities.You may remember The Rock County Communications Center had a previous smash YouTube success with the ...[read more]

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